Actor Mark Ruffalo is pushing progressives nationwide to help raise money for hurricane relief in Florida.

One of the stars of “The Avengers,” “Spotlight,” and “Now You See Me,” who’s also a progressive political activist, is sending a message Tuesday to members of progressive groups throughout the country through the Progressive Change Campaign Committee raising the issue of climate change and urging people to contribute to a Hurricane Irma recovery fund. Ruffalo said the money will be used for hurricane relief.

Ruffalo maintains that more than a dozen Florida progressive grassroots organizations already are on the ground providing assistance, and they formed the Hurricane Irma Community Recovery Fund, and have raised $30,000. Ruffalo’s message is for other progressives to join them. He cites a local progressive leader as saying that they also have served thousands of meals to people in low-income communities.

“People across Florida will remember that progressives were there for them. That trust will be valuable as we ask them to join our fight for climate solutions, for students, for Dreamers, for workers, and for other causes,” he writes. “Your tax-deductible donation today will help Florida families and communities now — AND win hearts and minds for progressive causes in the long term.”

The letter provides a link to donate to the Hurricane Irma Community Recovery Fund or the Progressive Change Institute, or both.

Ruffalo also pushes the climate change button, opening with: “I’m going to say something controversial that should not be: Climate change and giant hurricanes are connected.”

And he adds, “As we help hurricane victims, we need to stay true to our progressive values. This means acknowledging climate change and remembering that marginalized communities who are least equipped to escape are hardest hit in crises like this.”


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