Desperate for a spark to turn his team around, Orlando Magic coach Scott Skiles talked about lineup changes for his team.

The Magic, coming off a 19-point loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Magic have dropped seven of their last 10 games.

“We may make some changes, see if we can try to come up with something to try to re-energize us a little bit,” Skiles told the Orlando Sentinel. “But everybody throughout the year has gotten an opportunity, so it’s about taking advantage of the opportunity.”

The Magic blamed a lack of defensive stops and ball movement for their problems against the Lakers, who are only 14-51 this season. The Magic has won 27, but it hasn’t made the playoff push it might have expected.

“We’re going to stay in it every day. Coach (Skiles) isn’t going to allow us to fold and tank it. That’s not in his identity and it’s not in our team’s identity,’’ said Magic center Jason Smith, who had 13 points and 10 points in his first two starts of the season. “It would be great for us to keep plugging away no matter what the record is or what the playoff battle is. … You don’t want to have that regret of, `Ahhhh, we gave that game away and gave that game away.’ It’s just one of those things where we just have to get better every day.’’

The Magic have missed center Nik Vucevik because of injury the last two nights.

“I’d have to crack open some skulls and look inside of there,’’ Skiles told “It’s not a big secret that we’ve slipped almost unbelievably on that end of the floor from the first of the year, and then we’ll have a game where we’ll have a really good half or something and it seems to be coming back. But the ability to sustain it? We’ve lost that.’’

The Magic play the Sacramento Kings Friday night.

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