Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs raised $13,755 during the first three weeks of June for her campaign to be elected chair of the Orange County School board, easily besting three rivals.

Orange County School Board Member Nancy Robbinson, who had a four-month head start on Jacobs in the county-wide chair election contest, still leads the pack of four in total raised and money left in the bank. Robbinson raised $7,875 from June 1-22 and is spending in earnest while Jacobs has yet to begin seriously investing her campaign cash.

Robbinson now has raised $130,700 overall and on June 22 had $87,397 left. Jacobs has now raised $83,055 and had $73,357 still in the bank on June 22.

Teacher Robert Prater had his best month yet in fundraising, picking up $2,501. But he’s raised only $5,439 to date and spent nearly all of it by June 22.

Vocational schools administrator Matt Fitzpatrick raised just $590 in the first chunk of June. He’s raised $7,400 overall and has $3,721 left.

Several candidates for district school board seats topped Prater’s and Fitzpatrick’s numbers, and one, Eric Schwalbach of Winter Garden, had a better early June than even Robbinson.

Schwalbach, running for the District 7 seat, raised $8,300 with 31 checks he received from June 1-22. That gives his campaign $23,566 raised and $18,289 in the bank through June 22.

Of three other candidates in the District 7 race, only Melissa Byrd of Apopka is raising that kind of money, She pulled in just $1,000 in the early June reporting period, but has collected $22,940 so far, and finished the month with $14,900 left. Chan-Denise Budhoo of Plymouth loaned her campaign $3,200 in June giving her a total raised of $5,390 and about $3,223 left on June 22. Jeff Richardson of Ocoee raised $1,520 toward a total raised of $2,570. He’s spent all but $111 of that.

They all seek to succeed School Board Member Christine Moore, who’s running for Orange County Commission, in the northwest Orange County district. It’s a special election for just two years to complete Moore’s term.

In District 1, Heather Traynham of Winter Park lent her campaign $5,000 in June giving her a take of $7,375 in the first 22 days of that month and raising her total raised to $43,420, the most of any Orange County School Board district candidate. She’s also spending more than other candidates, though she still had $22,025 left on June 22.

Two other candidates in that district, Angie Gallo and Terry Rooth, raised very little money in the period but have some cash on hand. Gallo of Orlando has raised $32,119 so far, and on June 22 she had $24,174 left, more than Traynham. Rooth, of Winter Park, has raised $17,195 and had $12,839 in the bank on June 22.

They’re seeking to replace retiring School Board Member Joie Cadle in the east Orange County District 1.

In District 2, Sara Au of Orlando raised $2,281 in the period for a total raised of $16,524, with about half of that left; David Grimm of Orlando raised $310 toward a total of $47,99, with about $890 left; Chadwick Hardee picked up $1,000 in early June toward a total of $20,575, with $14,074 left; Johanna Lopez of Orlando grabbed $1,582 in early June toward a total raised of $19,252, and finished the period with $11,315 left; Jacqueline Ceneno of Orlando picked up $230 toward a campaign fund total of $3,818, with $640 left; and Eric Martin of Orlando lent his campaign $2,000 giving him $3,070 raised overall, and about $73 left.

They’re all running for the southeast Orange County District 2 seat being vacated by retiring School Board Member Darryl Flynn.

In District 3, incumbent School Board Member Linda Kobert picked up $1,890 in the first 22 days of June, giving her re-election campaign fund a total of $38,655, raised to date, with about $30,340 left. Her opponent Michael Daniels of Orlando did not raise any money in the month. He’d brought in $4,305 previously, and on June 22 had about $440 left.

District 3 covers south-central Orange County.

In a two-year special election to fill the opening seat in District 6, former state Rep. Karen Castor Dentel of Maitland raised $2,125 in the first part of June, and has now raised $31,650 overall, hitting June 22 with $24,309 still in the bank; Patricia Fox of Maitland raised only $125, but has raised $16,910 overall, and hit June 22 with $5,352 left. Charlene Norato raised $2,998 in the first part of June, pushing her total raised to $4,073. She had $1,243 left

District 6 covers north-central Orange County. The seat is opening up because incumbent Robbinson is running for the countywide chair position.

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