Orlando Democratic Rep. Kamia Brown filed a bill earlier this month that would protect parents who are abused by their children.

HB 1199 would require the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Florida Commission Against Domestic Violence to compile resources for child-to-parent abuse victims, including prevention, diversion, detention, and alternative home placements for children.

The bill would also require police to receive training on child-to-parent domestic violence issues.

“Currently, there is no easily accessible way for victims of child-to-parent cases of domestic violence to find out what resources are available to help them,” Brown said in a Monday statement. “It is commonsense that we train our law enforcement officers on how to deal with these situations and we standardize our approach to helping those in need of assistance during a traumatic time for any family.”

The information put together by DJJ and the coalition would be made available on the DJJ website and would also be distributed to certified domestic violence centers, clerks of court, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations serving domestic violence victims.

Brown’s bill has been referred to the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Justice Appropriations Subcommittee and Judiciary Committee, though it has not yet been scheduled to be heard.

An identical bill, SB 1694, was filed by Orlando Democratic Sen. Vic Torres, though it has also yet to be heard in committee.

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