Juice Bike Share has put the brakes on its valet service at Orlando City Soccer Club games.

Soccer fans who don’t want to deal with traffic jams and parking can still ride a Juice Bike or their own bike to the game. The Orlando bike sharing service offered a valet service but found that bikers became accustomed to parking bikes around the soccer stadium.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” according to a statement on Juice Share’s Facebook page. “If there is enough demand in the future, we will be more than happy to hold valet again.”

Bikers can rent a Juice bike at two nearby hubs at Church and Division streets and Central and Division streets. The bikes can be parked at the main bicycle rack by the ticket office or in smaller hoop-style racks along the southern, eastern, and northern sides of the stadium. There’s no additional fee for locking up bikes at the stadium during the game, as the service uses a virtual hub.

Juice Bikes can be found at 30 locations around Orlando, 20 of those in downtown with 200 rental bikes. They can be reserved for the soccer game, running errands or discovering the city’s 300 miles of bike lanes and trails.

Reservations can be made by using the Juice Bike Share website, mobile app, app.socialbicycles.com, or at the bike by using its keypad. Once the ride is reserved, a four-digit code will unlock the bike. The same code can be used to put the bike on hold at a hub to make a pit stop for coffee or lunch.

The bikes rent for $8 an hour or monthly and student plans are also available.

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