Orlando lawyer John Morgan, who earned national leadership credibility as a proponent for marijuana while leading the approval of medical marijuana in Florida and nearly ran for governor, has blasted childhood vaccines and mood stabilizing medications for creating “monsters,” and linked the prospect to the Parkland shooter.

Morgan sent out a flurry of tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook Tuesday evening drawing links between childhood vaccines and autism and between childhood mood stabilizers such as Adderall and erratic, dangerous behaviors, specifically stating that the man arrested for slaying 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last Wednesday, Nikolas Cruz, was autistic, and referencing school shootings in general.

“When you think of all these school shootings by kids think of this… Our children are doped up and drugged their whole life,” Morgan wrote on Facebook. He then listed some of the childhood drugs being frequently prescribed and administered, including Adderall, a stimulant provided to many children to address attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. He finished by adding, “Some of our children are zombies who turn into monsters. I am not surprised.”

Wednesday morning, in an email to Florida Politics, Morgan sought to clarify that he does not want to suggest that vaccines have caused autism. And he apologized for offending anyone.

“Not at all,” Morgan replied to a question of whether he is asserting a connection between vaccines and autism. “I have no idea what causes autism. All of my grandchildren have been vaccinated.

“I do know that our children are pumped full of mind altering drugs from a very early age though college and the drug industry makes trillions of dollars in the process,” he continued.

“Today 1 in 42 boys have autism according to the CDC. That should be a national emergency and every effort to find out why should be exhausted . Babies who are 18 months old and active suddenly are changed. Overnight.

“Forty years ago it was reported that one in 15K had autism.

“I am not a scientist or doctor and I probably should refrain from speaking out over personal concern. If I offended anyone I am sorry,” Morgan finished.

Wednesday morning Morgan also backed off his criticisms of childhood vaccines a bit on Twitter and with a Facebook post declaring, “To be clear all of my four grandsons have been vaccinated in the last 4 years. Because vaccines save lives. I would never advocate boycotting vaccines.”

As a lawyer and as a powerful proponent of medical marijuana, Morgan also has developed a strong opposition to the pharmaceutical industry, and that came out in his tweets as well, presumably driving his overall messages Tuesday.

His posts on Twitter and Facebook received a barrage of responses from his social media followers, many of whom, including doctors, activists, and parents of autistic children, called Morgan out, while a much smaller handful of others seemed to declare “right on!”

Orlando political activist and professional comedian Tim Murphy declared, “You’re gonna have to buy a lot of drinks at Wally’s to make up for this dumb shit.”

Dr. Martin Landry of Orlando replied, “Come on, sir… I practice medicine for a living. Vaccines absolutely do not cause autism and the idiots that are not getting their children vaccinated are leading to a reoccurrence of deadly diseases that had essentially been eradicated. Stick to marijuana. I completely agree that it should be legal. Leave the other things that you know nothing about alone!”

Dr. Matthew Schabbath tweeted, “Huh? What do school shootings and vaccines have to do with one another? How does getting vaccinated for deadly and preventable disease equate to “doped up and drugged their entire life”?

Morgan, of course, is the longstanding political fundraising rainmaker for the Democratic Party, a very early backer of the Clintons, who hinted all last year about a possible darkhorse run for the governor’s office, before surprising everyone in December by disavowing the Democratic Party and saying he was quitting the party and would not run for governor. His Orlando-based Morgan & Morgan law firm has become one of the country’s biggest liability law firms in the state, and has branches throughout the nation.

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