Republican state Rep. Jay Fant wants to be the Florida attorney general who knows business scams when he sees them and won’t tolerate them.

In a visit to Orlando, the newly-announced candidate for attorney general pushed his background as a business lawyer and said he’s looking forward to putting focus on Florida’s scam artists.

“What I tend to bring to the office are the eyes of the lawyer who knows the free market, who knows small business, who knows the threats by the bad guys that attack small business,” Fant said. “That’s who I am. That’s kind of how I relish my role as attorney general.”

Fant, from Jacksonville, met privately with a group of small business leaders at Restaurant Equipment World in Orlando, after a few brief remarks with a gathering of business and political leaders, including several Republican state representatives from the Orlando area, Bob Cortes, David Santiago, Rene Plasencia, and Mike Miller, and then with the media.

He stressed his background as a business lawyer.

“I am a lawyer who spent much of my career in business. And in that role I have seen up close and personal the laws that we create that are not good for the businesses, the people we employ and our customers,” Fant said.

Fant said he would continue to pursue the priorities of Attorney General Pam Bondi, who has put a great deal of focus on drug trafficking, human trafficking and opioids, but said his sensitivity is more for “corporate scams against seniors and consumers and small businesses.”

“There are so many scam artists out there. It’s full time work. I call the bad guys. And I’m going to find them,” Fant said.

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