The 18th annual Inside the Courts program, held every Tuesday in March, will bring with it yet more information about the inner workings of the Orange County Courthouse for curious residents.

Held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. March 8, 15, 22 and 29, the event has different focuses every year. It covers the roles and processes of the courts, as well as more sensitive topics relating to particular laws and crimes, according to Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Support Manager Julio Semino.

Classes in the past have aimed to answer questions about what judges consider when imposing sentences, what happens to juveniles who break the law and what a domestic violence injunction is, according to

The classes are all taught by local judges, which Semino said is a way to give people a window to interact with judges in a different environment than they’re used to.

“It’s a different side of the judiciary branch,” Semino said. “The public’s impression is, the judges are on the bench, it’s very professional. But now they see them off the bench.”

In the past, there have been about 100 to 200 people a night, he said, so registering before the event is encouraged.

“We think it’s educational,” he said, adding that the public needs to understand that the court “has to abide by certain rules.”

Semino said parking for the event would be $2 for the evening at the courthouse, a reduced rate from the usual price.

To register, visit or call 407-836-0517. The Orange County Courthouse is located at 425 North Orange Avenue.

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