Although Florida’s presidential primary Election Day doesn’t take place for 19 more days, Florida voters are casting ballots every day in absentee voting.

To date, more than 433,000 Floridians have cast ballots, and as the voter participation in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, Republicans are voting in greater numbers than Democrats.

Not all those votes are being counted, however. According to University of Florida political science professor Dan Smith‘s blog, 4,483 absentee ballots (2,261 cast by Republicans and 1,958 cast by Democrats) have been “rejected as illegal” due to “voter error.” Another 2,615 absentee ballots (1,156 cast by Republicans and 1,378 cast by Democrats) lack the registered voter’s signature on the envelope and thus have yet to be counted. Professor Smith notes that voters still have some time to address those absentee ballots with no signatures on the envelopes.

Republicans have cast more than 224,000 absentee ballots to date. Democrats have sent in more than 196,000 ballots.

Smith notes of those 224,000 absentee ballots cast by Republican voters, 197,000 have come from white voters. Latino voters have cast $20,500, only nine percent of all Republicans.

With Florida registered Democrats, nearly 73 percent of all ballots cast were by white voters (143,600), and 14.4 percent by black voters (more than 28,000). Hispanic voters cast 18,000 absentee ballots.

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