Early voting is over, and only one day of voting is left – the big day Nov. 8. With the early voting numbers in, though, Orange and Osceola County predictably saw huge turnouts of Democratic voters and Seminole County leaned Republican.

In Orange County, Democrats had the lead by a wide margin with 118,000 voters, with Republicans and No-Party Affiliated voters trailing behind with 71,000 and 60,000 respectively. Those with any other affiliation had just over 5,000 votes.

On the final day of early voting Sunday in Orange County, a tremendous 29,000 voters exercised their basic American right of democracy, bringing the total in Orange County up to 255,000 overall.

In Osceola County, Democrats led with 30,000 voters, double that of Republicans, who came out to 15,000. Those with NPA came out with 17,000 votes, also beating Republicans.

In Seminole County, Republicans’ 43,000 voters outnumbered Democrats’ 39,000 and NPA voters’ 27,000.

Seminole County Clerk of Courts Michael Ertel wrote in his daily email newsletter that the final numbers for this year’s early voting had broken the record for the county.

“While the Democrats had their usual higher-than-GOP turnout today, the 71-voter margin was much smaller than expected,” he wrote. “Today’s 11,110 early voters puts our number at 109,264, which shatters our previous early voting record from 2008 of 77K.”

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