With her nearly 2-1 victory in popular voting in last week’s Democratic Florida presidential preference primary, Hillary Clinton is being awarded a nearly 2-1 ratio of delegates to the Democratic National Convention, the party announced Monday.

The final count of congressional district delegates gives Clinton a total of 141 Florida Democratic presidential delegates and her rival U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont 73, the Florida Democratic Party announced Monday.

Clinton won in all but two of Florida’s 27 congressional districts, giving her a 93-47 edge over Sanders for delegates awarded by congressional district. Earlier, she had been awarded 30 at-large delegates to Sanders 16, and had attracted 18 of the state’s elected officials’ and party leaders’ delegates, compared with 10 going to Sanders.

The only districts Clinton failed to win a majority of delegates, she and Sanders tied. Those were Congressional Districts 3 and 4, both in North Florida, and both represented by Republicans. She and Sanders were each awarded 2 delegates in those districts. Clinton dominated him, gaining super majorities of delegates, in most South Florida districts, notably in Congressional District 20, where she won six of seven delegates. That district covers parts of Palm Beach and Broward counties and is represented by Miramar Democratic U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings.

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