Hillary Clinton is going up today with Spanish-language radio and television spots in Orlando and Tampa highlighting her positions on education, health care, immigration reform and Puerto Rico.

Neither ad acknowledges U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, her rival in Tuesday’s Florida presidential primary.

But the television ad “Valentia,” running in the Miami, Orlando, and Tampa markets, goes after Republicans Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, starting with smokey footage of them and declaring, in Spanish, “When it seems like everybody is against you, you learn who your true friends are.

“Hillary Clinton has always been fighting for us, for immigration reform, fighting to help keep our families together,” the TV ad continues.

It goes on to discuss Clinton’s work too pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has covered 8 million children, and her plan as President to make college more affordable. It also emphasizes Clinton’s commitment to immigration reform and keeping families together.

The radio ad, “Respeto,” running in the Tampa and Orlando markets, discusses Clinton’s lifelong record of fighting for children and families and her plans to invest in schools, support teachers and put education within reach for more families as President. It also specifically discusses the Puerto Rican debt crisis, as well as Clinton’s commitment to stand against anti-immigrant voices in American politics.

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