Fresh from his resounding win in Puerto Rico and in need of an even bigger prize, Marco Rubio‘s campaign has turned to appeal to Florida’s Puerto Rican community to help make a difference on March 15.

The Rubio campaign rolled out four prominent Central Florida Puerto Rican Republican surrogates Monday, Daisy Lopez-Cid, Dennis Freytas, Luis Martinez and Apopka City Commissioner Diane Velazquez, to spread the word that Rubio is their best choice in Florida.

Rubio was the only Republican candidate left in the field to visit Puerto Rico, which he did last week. It resulted in a landslide victory there, where he took 71 percent of the vote and all 23 delegates.

It may have been his only win of the weekend, but the triumph raised new hopes that he could break through and appeal to the Central Florida Puerto Rican community, which numbers more than 300,000.

The Central Florida Puerto Rican had many Republicans who had preferred former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush before he dropped out, and which Rubio’s appeal had been waning.

That all changed, Freytas and the others said Monday. Rubio, Freytas said, has pledged to help Puerto Rico out of its financial crisis, but insists that the government of Puerto Rico needs to reform its policies first.

“He stands for equality for all U.S. citizens including the U.S. citizens residing in Puerto Rico,” Freytas said. “I can tell you the people in Puerto Rico want equality. Rubio is behind Puerto Rico.”

Donald Trump‘s anti-immigration platform too often has sounded like an anti-Hispanic platform, and has offended Puerto Ricans even though they are not immigrants, Lopez-Cid said.

“He calls Hispanics ‘those people,'” she said. “He claims he has ‘those people’s’ votes for him. I think otherwise.”

Freytas agreed, adding that he considers U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas also unelectable by Puerto Ricans.

“Cruz is too much to one side. He is not gong to win the general elections. Trump, that guy will never win. I will never vote for Trump. He is pompous, he is disrespectful. He insults. He doesn’t have the presidential temperament,” Freytas added.

One problem: Central Florida’s Puerto Ricans have historically shown low voter turnouts. Velasquez said they must be convinced that Rubio will include them, which he evidenced with his trip to Puerto Rico.

“He has given them hope. I keep saying hope, that when he becomes president he will not forget them,” she said.

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