The Florida Retail Federation announced a slate of awards for law enforcement officers Thursday, with an Orlando Police Department officer earning the trade group’s recognition as the top law enforcement officer of the year.

OPD Officer Rebecca Rivera earned FRF’s LEOY award, beating out runners up Tatiana Miguel, a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Logan Workman, a United States Secret Service Agent.

“It’s impossible to truly show how much Florida’s retail industry values and appreciates our law enforcement officers, but we hope by highlighting the impact these worthy recipients have on our member businesses, their employees and their customers, is one small way we can show our appreciation,” said FRF President and CEO R. Scott Shalley.

“We are extremely grateful to Officer Rivera and Special Agents Miguel and Workman for the sacrifice they make every single day, and we thank them for keeping us safe.”

FRF said all three officers were recognized for their efforts to preventing retail crime and were “honored at a prestigious law enforcement awards dinner held earlier this week.”

The LEOY nod landed Rivera a cash award as well as a number of gift cards from member of the retail trade group and a custom-crafted medallion and plaque. Rivera’s name was also added to an official plaque that lists every LEOY recipient since FRF started naming a LEOY in 1974.

In addition to the package of gifts provided by FRF, the award earned Rivera some recognition from OPD, which highlighted her “relentless work in fighting retail and economic crimes.”

The award was presented during FRF’s 2018 Loss Prevention Conference, where Workman delivered talks on “Headquarter Impersonation Scams” and the “Illicit Finance of Criminal Activity through Organized Fraud.”

FRF says “the LEOY Award was created in 1974 to encourage support of Florida’s outstanding law enforcement community. The award recognizes the selflessness, professionalism and tireless dedication of Florida’s law enforcement officers.”

To date, 44 law enforcement officers who “embodied the epitome of excellence in law enforcement” have earned the award and had their names added to the trade group’s official plaque.

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