State economists released a rundown of state revenue streams Monday, including the sources for Florida’s $28.41 billion in general revenue funds.

According to the 2016 Florida Tax Handbook, the state sales tax looks to see the biggest gains in the 2015-16 fiscal year. Sales tax makes up 77 percent of the state’s general revenue funds; the expected $21.87 billion haul represents an increase of about $1.07 billion from last year.

The corporate income tax was the only other general revenue stream economists are bullish on over the next year. The tax is expected to bring in about $2.12 billion, compared to $1.88 billion in 2014-15. Corporate filing fees, likewise, saw a gain of around $10 million.

Documentary stamp tax revenues held at about the same level as last year, with most remaining taxes seeing dips compared to last year: insurance taxes brought in $85 million less, court service charges slipped by $45 million and dropped by more than $168 million year over year.

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