Problems at the polls? Marco Rubio’s team wants to know.

In an email to supporters on Thursday, the Rubio campaign told voters to let the campaign’s legal team know if they “encounter any problems or delays” when casting a vote.

“Tomorrow, polls will open across Florida, and you will have your chance to make sure that it’s a great day for Marco,” campaign officials said in an email Thursday. “Unfortunately, the last few weeks have been marred by reports of dirty tricks by other campaigns, and so we need our eyes and ears on the ground.”

The email told voters to “first inform the polling place officials” of any problems at a polling place, like long delays in at check-in. The campaign then asked supporters to let its legal team know if there were problems.

“Tomorrow’s vote is Florida’s first step toward a New American Century, and we want to ensure that all voices are represented fairly and honestly,” the campaign said in an email. “We appreciate your help in making sure that the electoral process runs smoothly.”

The Sunshine State’s winner-take-all election is seen as a make-or-break state for Rubio. As of Tuesday morning, nearly 1.2 million Republicans have already voted the presidential preference primary; and hundreds of thousands of voters are expected to vote in person at the polls today.

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