Two Democratic state senators will once again attempt to stop hydraulic fracturing, they type of oil exploration known as fracking, from the Sunshine State.

On Monday, Sens. Darren Soto of Orlando and Dwight Bullard from Cutler Bay will formally introduce legislation for the 2016 Legislative Session that seeks to make fracking illegal statewide. The announcement will come at a press conference in front of the Orange County Administration Building.

Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth and use a high-pressure water mixture in the rock to extract oil and gas. Water, sand and chemicals are injected at high pressure,s which allows the gas to flow out through a well head.

While the practice does open up avenues for oil and gas production, opponents say fracking contaminates surrounding water sources, with long-term negative effects on the land.

In the bill’s first attempt earlier this year, session ended before the proposal could make serious progress. Since then, Soto began an online petition to ban fracking in the state. Orange County Soil and Water Chairman Eric Rollings will join Soto at the press conference, to discuss the effects of fracking on drinking water and other natural resources.

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