Orlando City Hall is primed to become the first government building in Florida to offer an ‘all-user’ friendly, multi-stalled restroom.

The news came during Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer‘s 2018 State of the City address. He cited it as an example of the city’s embrace of equality.

The concept will “increase accessibility for transgender people and those with disabilities,” Dyer said during the Tuesday speech. He noted the restroom will be the first of its kind in one of the Sunshine State’s many government buildings.

Per WKMG, the new bathrooms are expected to be completed at the end of the month. They will not replace male- and female-specified bathrooms. The new ‘all-user’ restrooms will instead be additions near the already existing latrines.

WKMG notes that “each stall door is designed for privacy and goes all the way down to the floor.”

Dyer, a Democrat who’s held the office since 2003, led the city through the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre that is considered an attack against the LGBT community.

The Mayor’s announcement of the new restrooms accompanied his recitation of progressive accomplishments carried out in the city, such as the forging and passing of the Trust Act, viewed as a local push to deny the federal government from overreaching into the city’s immigration practices.

“The act will help build stronger bonds between police and our residents and reassure that undocumented immigrants reporting crimes won’t lead to deportation,” Dyer said.

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