Incumbent Bruce Antone won Tuesday’s primary and kept his seat in House District 46.

He won with 62 percent of the vote. His opponent, Sheena Meade, came away with 39 percent.

Antone served four years in the House in the early 2000s. He returned to HD 46 in 2012 after the districts were redrawn. He went virtually unopposed and kept his seat in the 2014 election against only one write-in candidate.

Meade was Antone’s lone challenger in the race this year. A fellow Democratic candidate, Meade built her campaign on fighting for the rights of workers, women, people of color and other disenfranchised groups. No Republican candidates were running.

Meade’s campaign ran on the message that she had ‘been there’ so far as being a working woman went.

Antone did not return calls to on Tuesday night.

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