Bobby Olszewski has launched a television commercial in Orlando that highlights several of his issues positions in the special Republican primary for House District 44 in Orange County.

The 30-second spot, dubbed, “Vote Bobby O,” the commercial begins with brief footage of President Ronald Reagan, as a narrator declares, “Republicans want a leader who will get things done. Robert ‘Bobby O’ Olszewski is that conservative leader.”

He faces Usha Jain, John Newstreet, and Bruno Portigliatti in next Tuesday’s Republican special primary election. They all seek to fill the seat vacated by Republican former state Rep. Eric Eisnaugle to represent the southwest portion of Orange County. Eisnaugle stepped down this spring.

The winner would face Democrat Paul Chandler in an Oct. 10 special general election. Chandler’s candidacy is being challenged in court, though, and that action has the potential to lead to further challenges of the Republican primary.

Olszewski said the spot has been up since last week.

After the introduction, the commercial shows Olszewski with U.S. Rep. Dan Webster, who was the area’s congressman, state senator and state representative for decades before moving to Lake County to switch congressional districts in 2016, and the narrator notes that Webster endorsed Olszewski.

The commercial then, in rapid fire, declares that Olszewski opposed tax and fee increases, stood up for prayer in public, opposes funding for sanctuary cities, seeks to cut regulations, and will “stop politicians wasteful spending.”

“Conservative Republican Bobby O: Less talk, more action,” the narrator finishes.


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