In the run for Orange County Commission District 1, Bobby Olszewski has picked up endorsements from three local leaders: Windermere Town Council members Bob McKinley and Jim O’Brien and Ocoee Commissioner Rosemary Wilsen.

McKinley’s endorsement was strongly motivated by the need for better road infrastructure in the district, which would ease the oft-congested traffic in the area. Olszewski agrees with him that when the county develops new projects, they should take on road improvements at the same time.

“I don’t think the county has been keeping up with our infrastructure,” he said. “We’ve installed three traffic circles, but traffic still backs up. Nothing helps. If you’re driving from Windermere to Kings Point, you’ll be backed up. The people to the west of Windermere are kind of landlocked.”

New developments, such as Horizon West, only have McKinley even further exasperated.

“It’s great to have more homes being developed,” he said. “But where are they going to drive?”

Olszewski said he was proud to have McKinley’s endorsement.

“I sincerely appreciate Councilmember McKinley for his support as he is an outstanding public servant to the Town of Windermere and he never hesitates to do what is right for the people.” he said. “I am proud to call him a friend as he is a true patriot who is dedicated to serving his community and country. I look forward to working with Councilmember McKinley and the people of Windermere to put “Residents and Community First” in Orange County.”

O’Brien said Olszewski was a “tireless advocate” for the community and that he would be the best choice to represent the county.

Wilsen said Olszewski would use his experience and commitment to serve the county well, and that a vote for him was “a vote for good and honest government.”

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