U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson will join Buddy Dyer on Sunday in a final push to get the early vote out before voters decide who will be mayor of Orlando for the next four years.

Nelson and Dyer will join faith leaders from across the city in a “Souls to the Polls” drive to help voters cast their ballots. Nelson, an Orlando resident, is also expected to vote Sunday to do his part to help Dyer win a fourth term.

The final sprint to the finish line in the Orlando mayoral race has been intense, with Dyer’s opponent, businessman and veteran Paul Paulson, threatening legal action against the Florida Democratic Party for mailers they sent in support of Dyer.

What limited polling that’s available in the race has Dyer up on Paulson, but with turnout expected to be much lower than usual, he’s urging supporters that complacency would pose a serious risk to his campaign.

Educator Linda Grund is also running. Sunday is the final day of early voting before Election Day Tuesday.

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