Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson has released the first statewide ad of his re-election campaign.

“Stars,” narrated by Nelson, focuses on his fight for Florida values in the U.S. Senate.

The spot mentions Nelson’s moment as an astronaut in 1986, but little else other than his statement that everyone shares the same values, and those include public service.

Unlike the ads being released by his Republican opponent, Gov. Rick Scott, this ad does not have any negativity, whether toward his opponent or some generalized concern that makes people angry. Nelson’s ad begins with a call for inspiration,. As video plays of people working out, studying, working and playing, he declares that Florida is for doers, dreamers, builders and adventurers.

The narrative transitions as the video transitions from a boy playing with a toy rocket to a real rocket, and then to Nelson onboard the Space Shuttle Columbia, and then a contemporary Nelson in campaign mode.

“When I looked back at our planet, I didn’t see political divisions, I saw how we’re all in this together,” Nelson says in the ad. “Bound by timeless values we all share – a call to serve – our country, our state, to fight for every family here in Florida. And every child who dreams one day to touch the stars.”

“Bill Nelson has worked his entire career to put the people of Florida first,” Nelson campaign manager Marley Wilkes said in a statement. “He stands up for the values that make Florida great, and in the U.S. Senate he puts politics aside and focuses on doing what’s right for the people of our state because that is who he cares about. That’s why Floridians know Bill has their back and that he’ll keep fighting every single day to help create a future that works for every family and every child.”

The 47-second ad will reach Florida voters through several digital platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

To watch the full ad, click the image below:


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