Bernie Sanders supporters will be taking to the streets in Orlando and several dozen other cities throughout the country Saturday afternoon as part of a national “March For Bernie” effort.

Orlando volunteer organizer Renee McHugh said she’s expecting 50-75 marchers for a route that begins at Orlando City Hall, then heads to Lake Eola Park and back, starting at noon. The march will be preceded by a rally at the Orlando City Hall plaza.

The marches are being organized entirely by volunteers, outside the Bernie Sanders For President campaign, said Bernie Sanders communications director Michael Briggs.

Consequently, most of the marches are being organized primarily through social media with haphazard recording. There are reports of rallies planned for more than 35 cities nationally, including in Jacksonville, Sarasota, Gainesville and West Palm Beach in Florida.

Several of the organizers in the northeast cities reported on social media Friday evening that their marches were being postponed because of the snowstorm.

McHugh said there were more than 10,000 Central Florida for Bernie Sanders Facebook group members.

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