Asima Azam, the challenger to Orlando District 3 Commissioner Robert Stuart, received two endorsements Friday.

The Greater Orlando Builders Association Political Action Committee (GOBA PAC) and the Central Florida AFL-CIO endorsed the political novice.

“We endorse and support Asima Azam for Orlando city commissioner District 3 because she has the education, experience, and temperament to lead and make important decisions related to responsible growth in our community,” said GOBA President Bill Silliman.

GOBA is the authority, educator and promoter of the housing and building industry serving more than 700 members.

Azam said the endorsement “demonstrates the enthusiasm of long-standing stakeholders like GOBA for a fresh voice in District 3 and city hall. I’ve stated during this campaign that I wanted to provide an accessible and proactive conduit between developers and citizens to grow an Orlando that is respectful of property rights, that acknowledges community identity, and is committed to an open and free-flowing dialogue on what our city will look like 5, 10, and 20 years into the future.”

Azam credits her endorsement by GOBA to her background as a real estate attorney.

“Everywhere we’ve gone in the district, it’s been the same story: people are feeling ignored and cut-off from the process and after twelve years of an incumbent, they believe it’s time for a change,” she said.

The Central Florida AFL-CIO, one of approximately 500 local labor unions and labor councils, representing over a million workers, retirees, and their families in Florida, also endorsed Azam.

As the daughter of immigrants, Azam said she understands the struggles of working men and women.

“Hard work and struggle helped me to achieve the successes I have been able to receive and create, and my goal as city commissioner of District 3 is make sure those same opportunities are present for our hard-working families of Orlando: the construction workers, health care professionals, classroom teachers, agricultural workers, hotel and restaurant employees, transportation workers, firefighters, law enforcement and correctional officers, and others.”

Voters go to the polls Nov. 7

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