Democratic Florida House candidate Anna Eskamani has released her first television commiercial of the campaign season, focusing on her mother’s story and then on the House District 47 candidate’s commitment to health care coverage.

The 30-second television commercial, “Fighting for Our Health”, starts out covering much of the same ground as the biographical video Eskamani launched last week on the internet, telling of her mother Nasrin Vishkaee Eskamani‘s story working hard at multiple minimum-wage jobs and then getting cancer, battling it for five years but dying when Anna Eskamani was 13.

The commercial then turns to public policy.

Eskamani faces Republican Stockton Reeves in the Nov. 6 election for the open seat for HD 47, representing central Orange County.

The commercial will begin airing Tuesday on cable in in the Orlando market.

“Countless families like mine struggle to pay for health care,” Eskamani says, as the video turns from reflections on her mother to shots of the daughter in campaigning mode. “So I won’t stop fighting for quality, affordable health insurance, including coverage for preexisting conditions.

“My mom is the reason I fight, and I won’t let her down,” she concludes.

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