Democrat Anna Eskamani, a proud daughter of Iranian immigrants, has received the backing of the national Iranian-American Political Action Committee in her quest for the Florida House District 47 seat, her campaign announced Wednesday.

The PAC is the political action arm of the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian-Americans, and promotes and contributes to the elections of candidates “who work to foster greater understanding between the people of Iran and the United States.”

“A daughter of immigrants from Iran, Anna’s life story epitomizes American principles and values of hard work, perseverance, equality, and commitment to family,” IAPAC Political Director Morad Ghorban stated in a news release issued by Eskamani’s campaign. “A proven leader and advocate, she has worked tirelessly to help people in her community. We have full confidence that Anna’s passion for public service, commitment to understanding the issues, and finding common ground will get results for the state of Florida. As an organization that encourages Iranian Americans to actively participate in the democratic process and to give back to America as it has given to us, we are extremely proud to endorse Anna Eskamani for Florida House District 47.”

Eskamani will face the winner of the August 28 Republican primary, Orlando lawyer Mikaela Nix or Winter Park businessman Stockton Reeves VI, in the November election for HD 47, which covers north and central Orange County. They seek to succeed state Rep. Mike Miller, who is running for Congress.

Eskamani’s mother was born in Tehran, Iran, and her father in Tabriz, Iran. They came to the United States separately and met in Orlando.

The news release said she still has “a great deal of family still in Iran, family who have been impacted directly by [President Donald] Trump’s Muslim [immigration] ban.”

“Both of my parents were born in Iran, but they made Orlando their home. We are a nation of immigrants, and my family’s story is not unlike those of other Americans. My personal identity coupled with my lived experiences compel me to care deeply about others, and to push back against political agendas that marginalize and attack members of our community because of how they look, talk, or who they worship. I am committed to finding peace through policy, and will fight to protect all Floridians,” she stated in the release.

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  1. Alan Smith

    Morad Ghorban is someone Ms. Eskamani should seriously consider returning election investments accepted by her campaign. The Iranian American Political Action Committee and and the PAAIA have an interesting history of influence operations that on balance favor the Mullahs over the Iranian Opposition Groups: Source material:

    History of PAAIA and IAPAC

    IAPAC was originally established by Hassan Nemazee (now a convicted felon) who sued Aryo Pirouznia (Monarchist Iranian Opposition) to set an example and scare the Iranian Opposition. Eventually Hassan Nemazee was exposed, so he faded himself away from IAPAC (took all his links and name out of IAPAC site) and IRI Lobby Activities and handed the torch to Morad Ghorban to run IAPAC. Down the road Morad Ghorban fabricated another IRI Lobby Group named PAAIA. The Trita Parsi’s NIAC was heavily exposed by the opposition as an IRI Lobby Group so a fresh new incognito IRI Lobby Group was needed and that is how PAAIA was created with a major task to draft celebrities as members to attract the Iranian Americans to join up.

    Anna Eskamami’s financial backers owe their allegiance and finances to the Mullah’s, not the opposition groups fighting against the growing Iranian hegemony.

    I don’t want my elected officials taking money from Iranian theocratic dictatorial regimes that are in direct opposition to our Representative Republic form of government and the U.S. Constitution we swore an oath to uphold and protect.


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