Orlando Democrat Anna Eskamani added $19,234 to her House District 47 campaign last month, putting her past the $200,000 mark in total fundraising.

“I have always said that I am the sum of those around me, and this campaign is no different. We have built a community of support that is fueled by every day Floridians from all walks of life,” Eskamani said in a press release.

“Teachers, retirees, students, veterans, physicians, nurses, executives, and business owners — to just name a few. All who give what they can, because they want a bold new vision for Tallahassee and a proven community leader who gets things done. I am honored to receive both their trust and investment.”

The March haul included more than 140 contributions, mostly from small-dollar donors within the district who chipped between $1 and $100 apiece.

The finance report also showed a half-dozen contributions for the campaign maximum of $1,000, three of which came from the family of Robert Yarmuth, the CEO of Sonny’s BBQ.

Spending measured in at about $6,000 and included $1,250 in payments for website maintenance as well as a handful of checks for paid campaign staff.

Eskamani has now raised $203,664 for her campaign since filing in July, with more than $152,000 on hand. She also has another $22,651 on hand in her political committee, People Power for Florida.

Eskamani is the only Democrat running for HD 47, which is being vacated by Winter Park Republican Rep. Mike Miller, who’s running for Congress.

Mikaela Nicole Nix and Stockton Reeves are competing in the Republican Primary to succeed Miller.

Reeves has $105,000 on hand, including $95,000 in loans. Nix, who has yet filed her March report, had about $20,500 in her campaign account on Feb. 28.

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