Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum will mark the 30-days-out mark from Election Day with a “Weekend of Action.”

On Saturday, the candidate can be found at the Florida A&M University homecoming, where he marches in the parade and tosses the coin at the start of the game for his alma mater.

But by the evening, he’ll be in Palm Beach County delivering a major speech at Democrats’ annual gala.

The campaign itself may be hosting the most important events in terms of organizing a winning operation.

Some 20 field offices will open statewide in every corner of the state, including in Pensacola, Tampa, Fort Myers Miami Gardens and Vero Beach. These events will include dispatches of thousands of volunteers into neighborhoods. Those who aren’t knocking of doors will call voters from phone banks or send texts to mobile phone users.

“The energy and enthusiasm are there, and we will make we harness that momentum behind Mayor Gillum’s vision,” said Gillum for Governor campaign manager Brandon Davis.

“To bring it home in November, we will be working every single day between now and Election Day, spreading the Mayor’s vision of Florida—access to affordable and quality healthcare, investment in Florida’s schools, and protecting the environment.”

Seven targeted voter coalitions will also host their own campaign events this weekend, including: Women for Andrew Gillum, Hispanics for Gillum, Florida Veterans for Gillum, LGBTQ for Gillum, Environmentalists for Gillum, Students for Gillum and Boricuas por Gillum.

The campaigns plan to hammer in messages of affordable health care, access to public education and economic opportunity.

Gillum also has pushed back against attacks on the crime rates in Tallahassee.

In a press release, Gillum’s campaign said over 10 years of Gillum’s tenure in Tallahassee, violent crime fell over 10 percent and the city developed into one of the fastest growing economies per capita in Florida.

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