The barbs, insults, and accusations over immigration and sanctuary cities traded by House Speaker and presumed Republican gubernatorial pre-candidate Richard Corcoran and Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum have turned into a Twitter offer from Corcoran to debate – and Gillum has accepted.

“If it weren’t for the criminal safe havens that @AndrewGillum wants to bring to Florida, Kate Steinle would still be alive today. And if Gillum disagrees, I’ll be happy to debate him anywhere, anytime,” Corcoran tweeted yesterday, amid a back-and-forth over Corcoran’s political committee’s commercial highlighting that 2015 murder in San Francisco.

Gillum had called the ad racist.

“Mr. Speaker, I accept your offer. @TroyKinsey can pick the moderator. How about next Tuesday in Tallahassee?” Gillum replied by tweet shortly before 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Troy Kinsey, of course, is the Tallahassee bureau reporter for Central Florida News 13 in Orlando and Bay News 9 in Tampa Bay.

“I think we’ll start working on the details, that’s for sure,” Corcoran’s spokesman Taylor Budowich said. Then he added a dig on Gillum’s acceptance coming more than a day after the offer, noting, “It took him a couple of days.”

Said Gillum’s campaign spokesman Geoff Burgan: “We’ll meet him in front of Andrew’s corral, at high noon.”

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