While Americans For Prosperity has made it clear that nationally it’s not going to be weighing in on every significant election, the national organization is announcing Tuesday that it will be supporting Republican Gov. Rick Scott‘s bid for the U.S. Senate this year, or at least opposing Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson‘s re-election effort.

The group’s Florida chapter is launching an effort aimed to “encourage voters to remove Bill Nelson from office.”

“Bill Nelson has a record filled with contempt for qualified jurists, support for a broken health care system, and an affinity for the tax and spend philosophy synonymous with D.C.’s swamp culture,” AFP-Florida declared in a news release. “His empty rhetoric for moderate policy making is overshadowed by decades of contradictory action. AFP-FL’s hallmark grassroots teams will mobilize across the state to educate Floridians about his broken promises and failed agenda to encourage citizens to vote Bill Nelson out of office.”

No commercials or other advertisements are being immediately launched, but they will be forthcoming.

Earlier, the conservative economics group backed by the Koch brothers went after Nelson on his refusal to commit to supporting U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, though that was an issue-specific effort.

AFP-FL State Director Chris Hudson issued the following statement:

“Senator Nelson’s failed agenda has offered voters the same song and dance for decades and like a broken record it’s time to throw him out. He said he wanted to reform our broken tax code, but he voted against allowing hard-working Floridians to keep an extra $2,000 per family. He said he wanted to fix D.C.’s out of control spending, but he’s a fixture of the D.C. swamp culture that has expanded the federal government, ballooned our national debt, and continues to promote the government’s unprecedented encroachment into our healthcare. Floridians must vote against Bill Nelson in the upcoming election.”

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